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CPD Training Sessions

Welcome to the new range of CPD approved training sessions from FACE!

Teachers, SENCos, social workers, and all professionals who work with and support children and teenagers will benefit from these sessions. Our CPD sessions are aimed at enhancing your existing skills and raising your confidence.

National Standards CPD certificates issued with completion of sessions.

The following CPD sessions are available as
regular live online sessions and as bespoke sessions


What is ACT?

Are you looking for a fresh approach to support someone's mental well-being?

ACT is different from CBT and may be the approach you need to help someone make lasting changes in their relationship with their thoughts, emotions and therefore their behaviour.

Advanced Communication Skills

Are you in a role where you need to engage, inspire and support children and teenagers? This session will show you how to enhance your existing skills in order to raise the levels of motivation in those you are supporting. 

Today's Teens, Today's Drugs

Are you supporting young people? Would you like more knowledge on the drugs that are currently a problem in our society, so that you can give more informed and confident advice and support? Then this session is for you and your team.

Supporting Teenagers

Are you supporting teenagers? Whether you are teaching them, emotionally supporting them or parenting them, this session will explain to you how and why they think, feel and behave, very differently from adults.

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