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Micro Teach Sessions

Online sessions to complete in your own time.
Attendance Certificate on completion.

Get access to relevant information, practical advice and useful interventions the FACE suite of micro teach sessions.

Access the sessions in your own time, with unlimited time given to complete them.

Attendance Certificate given on the completion of each session.


Advanced Communication Skills
Engage, motivate and be listened to.

Teacher training and training given to other multi-agency services involves communication skills. This session will take those skills and amplify them to a higher level of ability. Learn how to improve engagement, raise motivation to change behaviour and decrease the odds of argument and non-compliance.

Introducing techniques and skills based on the Motivational Interviewing (MI) approach. MI established itself as a leading approach when working one-to-one with people suffering from addiction, but it is now recognised as an extremely powerful  approach across all areas of engagement, motivation and behaviour change.

Anyone working frontline, communicating in a one-to-one setting, will benefit from this training session.

This session is available as a Bespoke session and as an Approved CPD training session.

The Teenage Brain
Understand it and engage effectively

To work with teenagers effectively you need to know what is happening inside them. This session will explain to you how the teenage brain develops and what you can do to support them through this challenging time. Teenage brain development has a huge impact on what they are thinking and feeling, and on how they behave. This session will give you an understanding that will change how you engage and interact with teens.

This session is available as a Bespoke session and as an Approved CPD training session.

Supporting a Child with ADHD
Engaging with Neurodiversity

Get the facts on this condition. Understand what it is and how it impacts on a child's thinking, feeling and behaviour. Learn effective approaches and interventions that can enhance and improve your ability to support a child with ADHD. Interventions and approaches introduced in this session are often applicable to other neurodiverse conditions.

This session is available as a Bespoke session and as an Approved CPD training session.

What is ACT?
Introducing Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

ACT is a very effective behavioural therapy strongly based in mindfulness. It is proving to be extremely effective when supporting someone who is struggling to manage their emotions, e.g suffering from anxiety, intrusive thoughts, anger outbursts or compulsive behaviour. This session will introduce you to the basic principles and show how you can use them to support a student, client, service user, family member or even yourself.

This session is available as a Bespoke session and as an Approved CPD training session.

Today's Teens & Today's Drugs
Cannabis, Ketamine, Vapes and more

Are you supporting young people? Would you like more knowledge on the drugs that are currently a problem in our society, so that you can give more informed and confident advice and support? Then this session is for you and your team.


The drug using landscape has changed over the last twenty years. There has been a serious shift from stimulant drug use to depressant drug use. This session looks at the changes and explores why they have come about, and what we can do to help.


We start at the beginning explaining the process of addiction and withdrawal, the relevance of the dopamine reward system and the cross over with teenage brain development. A range of specific substances are discussed including cannabis, ketamine, vaping, energy drinks, ecstasy and cocaine.

This session is available as a Bespoke session and as an Approved CPD training session.

Staying in Recovery

Relapse Prevention skills are critical if we are to help those suffering from addiction. Learn how to support someone who has stopped using, to stay stopped. Learn how to engage effectively and provide on-going support. 

Alcohol Awareness

Alcohol may be legal but it is not always safe and it is the most misused drug in UK society.

Learn the risks and effects of alcohol and some easy to apply harm reduction interventions. Improve your knowledge and understanding of how alcohol impacts on the body. Get the facts, understand units and learn how to use the screening tools. Attendees will be able to advise and signpost with confidence.

If you are interested in any of the above sessions for your organisation, please email us to discuss date, time and cost

If you can't see what you are looking for, please contact FACE to discuss a bespoke session or to suggest a future topic.

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Bespoke sessions can be designed and delivered to meet your professional needs.

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