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Internationally Accredited
Online Training

The Professional Development Consortium

Global Bespoke Training 

Teacher, Social Worker, Mental Health Support, Parent


Wherever you are based in the world, FACE can support you,

as a professional who supports parents, or as a parent yourself.

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Advanced Communication Skills

Are you in a role where you need to engage, inspire and support children and teenagers?

This session will show you how to enhance your existing skills in order to raise the levels of motivation in those you are supporting.


What is ACT?

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy is proving to be an extremely useful and fast acting therapeutic approach. Learn the basic principles and see how this approach can help you reach a wider range of clients.


Supporting a Child with ADHD

Aimed at both Professionals and Parents who are supporting a child with ADHD.

A clear understanding of the condition, effective interventions, and challenging the stereotypes.

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Supporting Teenagers

This session is an absolute 'must' for anyone who is living with or working with teenagers!

Learn about teenage brain development and how you can improve your engagement and support of teenagers.



Today's Teens, Today's Drugs

Are you working with teenagers who are substance using?

The types of drugs available and the reasons why teens use them, changes over time. Update your knowledge and learn how to work effectively to support teens to break drug using habits.


How to achieve the internationally recognised accreditation 

If you are interested in any of these training sessions for yourself or for your team, please contact us to discuss.

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