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Supporting a Child with ADHD

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This online training session is suitable for both parents and professionals who are supporting children with ADHD. Many of the interventions are also useful with other forms of neurodivergence. Welcome to FACE online training, accredited by the CPD Standards Office. On successful completion of this training you will receive a recognised CPD certificate that can be added to your training portfolio. Are you caring for, or working with, a child with ADHD? Parents, teachers, school staff, social workers, family support workers and more, are facing an increase of children being diagnosed as ADHD. Are you looking for more information on this condition? With a multitude of pages of information available online, but no-one to speak to, separating the fact from the fiction, can be a daunting task. This training aims to: Define ADHD as a developmental disorder Describe the signs and symptoms of ADHD Show which areas of the brain are affected Introduce a range of supportive interventions for parents Introduce a range of supportive interventions for the classroom By the end of the training you will be able to: Identify possible traits of ADHD Understand how ADHD impacts on the mind and body Apply a range of interventions to support a child with ADHD This training is not directed at a particular age group of children, as ADHD is a life-long condition, but is written with school age and upwards children in mind.



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