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“I am too anxious to be seen on camera and my house is a mess!”

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Lots of people have concerns about being live on camera when attending online sessions. People are concerned about their appearance, their voice, what others may see or hear in the background.

There are specific features available when using the ZOOM service that can help. You can attend with your camera on or you can keep it off, if you would rather not be seen. There is even a facility on ZOOM to enhance your appearance should you wish, virtual make-up!

When you join an online session, your name appears on the screen. You can edit this name and use any name you wish. This can help to keep you anonymous, if that is important to you. Other people will refer to you by the name you choose. You can add your pronouns too, if you wish, to help others know how to refer to you, for example, Jane - She/her.

Your microphone can be switched on or off. When you join an online session have your microphone off, so that no-one can hear anything going on in your home. If you wish to speak, don't forget to turn it on! Remember, if the facilitator calls a comfort break and you turn your camera off, you have to turn off your microphone too. If you don't, other people online can still hear anything happening in your home.

This is one of the reasons there are Teach sessions and Workshop sessions on FACE.

Teach sessions can be attended with cameras on or off and with microphones on or off. How much you interact with the facilitator and other parents, is completely up to you. It's OK to not be seen and just listen in, if you want.

However, in the Workshop sessions you are expected to have your camera on and to be willing to speak and interact with the facilitator and other parents. This might be in group discussions, paired working or small group working. There are 'Breakout rooms' on ZOOM where you can take part in exercises and chat in private.

When it comes to your house, people can see what is behind you if your camera is on. Please make sure that you do not show private or confidential information. For example, pictures on the wall of your children in school uniform. Unfortunately, we have to be safety conscious.

There is facility on ZOOM to blur your background or to use a virtual background. This means no-one can see anything behind you.

Most importantly, remember, everyone is in the same boat...unsure of the technology, nervous about being and speaking online, wondering what everyone else will think of them. We're all on the same side, FACE is about welcoming everyone, including and supporting's a friendly face not a judgmental one!

See you online...Jane x

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