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Parenting teenagers is such fun...said no-one ever!

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

When I look around at the support available for parents it seems to be very focussed on the Early Years. We have incredible children centres here in the UK and the support from ante-natal through to the end of Primary school, is readily available, usually free and highly professional and effective.

However, when I look for someone to talk to about my older children and young teens it seems to disappear. The very excellent support provided by the NHS is over-whelmed. The waiting lists are so long for appointments and assessments, that many parents are feeling alone, unsupported and genuinely scared as to how to cope.

Why is it so hard to get someone to talk to about issues that arise time and time again in regular families? Most families do not need Social Care intervention or medical assessment but they would like some practical advice and information on how to deal with issues such as how do I have a conversation with my teen that does not end in tears or shouting? What is happening inside my child's body when they are feeling anxious, how can I help them?

How do we face these issues? We work together...

as parents, we share advice and information, useful books and apps

as professionals, we run affordable, accessible Teach and Workshop sessions....

Welcome to FACE!

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