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Why join online groups?

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Pre-Covid, a lot of people had never had a reason to join an online group. During the pandemic we were isolated and locked down, this encouraged us to learn how to connect online. 'Online' became the new form of communication; even my mother, at 86, learnt how to FaceTime, WhatsApp, Zoom and Botim. People who once scoffed at online friends (my mother for one) not being 'real' friends, now appreciated that when you are isolated, online friends are a vital connection. At times, an absolute lifeline.

If you are lucky enough to have lots of so called 'real' friends, that you can see regularly in person, then that's lovely for you. Not everyone is in that privileged position. Some people are house bound through mental or physical illness or recovery. Some have responsibilities that prevent much escape from the house, such as young children or full time caring roles. Others live in rural locations where public transport is limited or where financial restraints prevent the use of public transport. Some don't drive or cant afford to run a car. Some are new to the area and don't know anyone. Some live with controlling partners who don't allow free movement. There are many reasons, and this is where online communication can really come into it's own.

It is to reach as many parents as possible, no matter what their situation, that I decided to deliver the Let's FACE series of Teach and Workshop sessions online. Yes, you do still need to have access to the internet and a phone or laptop, but that's all you need. Some schools and Social Care teams have even said they would consider covering the small cost of £12 a session, if a parent genuinely couldn't afford it.

FACE aims to give practical and relevant advice and information to parents. Introducing parents to the tools and techniques that improve communication, help them understand the underlying biology of emotions and help them manage their children's behaviour.

See you online....Jane x

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