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Hello, my name is Jane and I would like to welcome you to 


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face2face is a FREE community project for parents who are resident in Dorset. It is free because FACE has been recognised as an excellent support service for parents by Skills & Learning the adult education service for Dorset County council and BCP council.

What is face2face?

This project came about because FACE recognised regular parents need more support than they are currently able to access through the normal Government services. The Government services are excellent but are often over-whelmed, waiting lists are long, staff are stressed and everyone seems to be over-worked.

Are you struggling to have positive communication with your teenager?

Have you tried everything but feel like you are getting nowhere?

Are there goals that you would like to achieve for yourself but never have the time to think about or plan for?

These are the questions that the face2face project is addressing. 



If you join the face2face project, you will have the opportunity to work though a series of sessions, with your teenager of choice, to achieve mutual understanding, improved communication and a deeper respect for each other. You will be supported to speak and listen to each other, to truly hear the other's point of view and to work together to develop a sustainable long term plan that supports your relationship, your personal learning goals, and even the 'greeness' of your home. 

The Sessions

What is the face2face project about?

The course is FREE and is open to any parents resident in Dorset and the BCP area.

It aims to help all parents (not just those experiencing difficulties) to improve their understanding and ability to communicate with their young people.


What’s in it for the young people? 

1. It is an opportunity for them to be properly ‘heard’ by their parent. To have a safe place where they can express their points of view in controlled exercises.


2. On completion of the four sessions, and the parent paperwork being completed and submitted, they receive an Advanced Communication Skills certificate that can be added to their academic portfolios.


3. They will have the experience of taking part in a community project, which can be a talking point in interviews.

The sessions consist of one parent and one teen (12 upwards) engaging in lots of 121 exercises with each other. There will be other parents and teens on the sessions too, but the teen doesn't have to appear on screen and all the exercises they do are with camera and mic off, so nothing embarrassing!

How long? When? & Where?

You and your teen attend and work together as a pair for all of the sessions.

The four sessions are each two hours long and there is also a one hour homework

(nothing too strenuous, just practicing what you have learnt during the session). 

These sessions take place on a Saturday morning (10:00-12:00). There will be a catch-up session on Sundays (14:30 -16:30), just in case you can't attend one of the Saturdays.

Application Form

If you would like more information or an application form please email Jane



Jane will explain the process and answer any questions you may have.

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