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 Welcome to the FACE videos

If joining online sessions is not for you, then maybe you would prefer to watch the videos instead?

This is a new avenue for FACE and we are always interested in your opinion.

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Understanding the Teenage Brain

Understanding the Teenage Brain

Understanding the Teenage Brain - Watch the Video

This is a recording of FACE Lead Facilitator, Jane Keyworth,

delivering the Understanding the Teenage Brain talk to parents in Dorset.

Are you confused as to why your teens behave in the way they do?

Why do they think and feel differently from adults?

Are their brains a mystery to you?

This talk will give you some fascinating insights into their underlying biology and how it impacts on their thinking, feeling and behaviour. Jane's 30 years of experience working with teenagers and their families, is brought together in this talk, to answer these questions and give effective ways in which we can support our teens through his challenging time.